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Sleepless can be devastating. 

Stop letting sleepless nights destroy you quietly. Try the 7 day free trial. Download FLY app NOW and enjoy improved sleep.

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Are you dependent on sleeping pills and devices?

I was not at ease nor happy when I saw my husband taking sleeping pills every night. Thinking about a future of pill dominating was not easy. If I was born naturally, I suppose to sleep without pills.

-Nancy Nguyen- 

The Original Sleep is the concept of a pure, clean, and healthy mind during sleep that potentially helps gain more time for our customers. Our contemporary fast pace of life and technologies have created more negative stress and other "side-effects" as what we call "brain trash".

Are you tired of your spouse's sleep problems?
Our app can save your relationship.

Understanding and utilizing energies in healing has been still based on ancient knowledge.  At The Original Sleep, we have an innovative approach for natural healing and learning about our abilities to heal. Our practices have helped the customer to find positive energy and have success in business, build self-confidence, setting goals, and healing. 

Our transformative story telling technology will help calm the body  down and the mind clear. 

Be patient for the new habit of sleep to gain the momentum and the body to build great the connections within. One night better sleep is a sign of more.

Stress-free lifestyle: Relaxation

Your spouse will automatically adapt new techniques in transforming negative energy to positivity and be aware of controlling the energies around you and yours.

Every night, bed time will be relaxing and exploring t.



The Original Sleep's philosophy is to connect you with higher energy resources and guide the way your energy flow travels for your health improvements.


The Original Sleep will unlock your ability to understand yourself, the universe and create the connection between your inner-self and the universal energy.


The Original Sleep will encourage you to take health into your own hands.

Gain more time

Good sleep, wake up full of energy, and no stress during the day will help create more time for you. Wealth comes with Health and Time..

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What Well Rested People Say

“I had got some sleep problems. I didn't find it easy to fall asleep and my days sometimes started with tiredness. After two nights of listening to sleep formula sections, things have changed for me. I got follow-up guidance and now I have no problems going to sleep.”

Hanna N.

“I had always been staying up until 2-3am in the morning because I just could not find a solid routine for my sleep schedule so I searched and found the original sleep and they have completely turning my sleeping habits around, I have so much more energy in the day and am actually getting to bed at a decent time.”

Mathew M.

“This is by far the best and most effective way I have found to help me get to sleep and also feel alive during the day. The techniques they use have changed my entire routine around in a very positive way. I highly recommend this service and will continue to use it! Thanks”

Danielle B.

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