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About The Original Sleep

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An innovative approach for the ultimate goal of health.

The Original Sleep is the concept of a pure, clean, and healthy mind during sleep that potentially gains more time for our customers.

Our contemporary fast pace of life and technologies have created more negative stress and other "side-effects" as what we call "brain trash". Brain trash occupies our brains and reduces the brain's ability to maximum function.

Following our approach which is designed into sleep formulas will allow our customers to have better quality sleep and release the stress of the body. A good night's sleep will ensure a new energetic and more effective working day. 

More than high-quality sleep, our approach paves the way for self-healing.


In short, The Original Sleep will create more time, increase life quality and improve general health for our users.

Science-base and ancient knowledge

-The Original Sleep is the concept of an optimal and ultimate sleep with the purpose of resting, balancing, healing and creating. The Original Sleep is the first step for health and longevity. 

- The Original Sleep is based on a combination of science and updated knowledge- unaware universal knowledge.

- The approach to get back to the original sleep is simple, effortless, and affordable. 

- In the long term, the health benefits are enormous. Self-awareness and universe-awareness, inner-self and outer-universal connection and balance, and self-healing have been tested among a team of inventors and showed results. Changes in perspectives, purposes, and creativity are observable and expectable.

Our Philosophy

The Original Sleep will help activate the connection of customers' inner energy and the energy from the universe. 

 Our innovative approach is to utilize the sunlight as a source for natural healing to the body cell level.

The Original Sleep is a pure relaxed and learning sleep that help the way energy flows through our body smoothly to heal unseen diseases. Any side-effects from medicine are not worth bearing in our life. 

The Original Sleep's philosophy is that each and every individual, including living things, is equal and so the knowledge.  

You deserve so much more than you have known.


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