What does "the original sleep" mean?

That is a common question we are asked. Our CEO believed that we are living in an era that noises and distractions take our time away without notice. People usually feel a short of time, but time is indeed spent on looking at screen for entertaining or due to the habit people have had.

We don't set certain time for taking care of our mental health. Many people end up going to sleep with anxiety, worries, or negative thoughts etc.

There are an estimate of 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. And popular solutions are pills, equipments and other expensive approaches.

The Original Sleep can help you have goodnight sleep with a relaxed mind and more than that, your body is healing during sleep.

We have customers whom stopped taking sleeping pills and have noticed general health improvements.

By following our practices and listening to our sleep "formulas", you will find the ultimate and easy way to sleep as a child and to activate self-healing. The Original Sleep is a re-setup your body energy for health and longevity. Your sleep is no longer a disorder, but a new journey to a worthy lifestyle.

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