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How to love yourself properly

Self love and self care need to have a more health-oriented perspective to be a fulfilled definition.

At The Original Sleep, we believe self love can be integrated with the factors of health and longevity.

Our philosophy about life is simple: the main purpose of life for each individual is health and longevity. Our life focuses should be shifted from distractions of concepts such as success, money, social status etc. to focuses on health and longevity. It's because health is the center of everything else.

The common path is like this: we were born and growing up being at our best health in 20s-40s. After that, we accept and let the getting old phase slowly sliding in and many let the aging dominate their lives.

We asked people how they take care of their body and the common answers include some nice treats to the body and mind: take a bath, walking, meditating, having a delicious meal out, or skin care.

When we asked if people ever thought of loving their body cells, they were surprised.

Self love is equal to cell-love, or we should love and take care of ourselves and when you take health as the center of your life, loving and caring for our body cells should be considered.

What does that really mean?

Cellular love really means to call attention for how to love yourself properly. When you shift the attention to this kind of love, you will see how precious life is. At the cellular level, out body cells are working nonstop, getting old and die weekly.

Why is cellular love important?

We may need to come back to have a reminder about what is love, because it is believed that love is the strongest force in the universe. Love is the commotion and connection we have or build with either inner self or outer elements (persons or nonhuman). If love is the connection, self love is the connection we build within ourselves. The "self" we often think of may include mind, physical body and spirit ( at The Original Sleep, we consider spirit is a part of mind or the "soul"). And because of this general and broad way of defining, self love and self care seem to be unclear and there are challenges to have action plans for the goal of self love and self care.

If we set health as our end goal, we would be able to shift the focus and mindset to mental and physical health. Mental health is still vague in practices so in this article, we'd love to make it clearer.

The Original Sleep has tried to seek for the origin of problems so we would be able to see them clearly and find solutions to tackle the root of problems. If the major purpose in life is to lead a healthy and long life, this purpose would show clear paths for people to achieve this ending goals.

We look at body and mind (or brain, to be exact) to find where the love is and how to build the love (connection) in order to increase health and longevity. We have found that in order to have a health physical body, each individual should have connection within the body, and that means ideally, all body cells should be loved (or connected).

What the connection are we discussing?

That is the inner connection and it is the link between the brain cells (mind) and the body cells and this connection can be considered tangible if we have advanced technologies to measure the connection. The Original Sleep considers this level of connection is at the quantum level of connections.

Imagine if we are able to see our brain waves (or with technology's supports), and if we are intentional in monitoring our brain waves in building this quantum level of connections between the brain cells and other body cells, the connection can be visual.

We are distracted from building this cellular connection and from committing to protect our body cells- a package of trillions of cells.

The Original Sleep believes that our body has an amazing warning system and if we listen well to our body, we may recognize what signals our body is sending back and forth between the brain and other parts of the body. Many symptoms are originally signals and warning signs and are not damages or forms of diseases. Our body was designed to heal its cells when there are damaged cells. The problem is that we cannot see this type of mechanism or there is no sophisticated technology to observe our body cells at this level at the moment (again).

What if we spend time and energy to build the love- connection and commitment- within our body?

Is it similar to building your dream home and dream life? You have to connect all the dots to build what you want to build. But in the cellular love path, it's about you building a system that sends you signals and you response to your body's calls. You maintain the connection among cells too.

In The Original Sleep's app, we customize this cellular love in sleep technique so your brain will work on the task of building the love, the connection among your body cells. What we call you to do is to use the app before sleep and practice our new breath method for 5-15 minutes during the day.

The Original Sleep aims to innovate self love, self care and natural health improvements.