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Donald quit sleeping pills, started a new journey, and inspired the app creation

Donald Bow inspired Nancy Nguyen (the Founder of The Original Sleep) to start her entrepreneurship adventure.

Donald Bow is Nancy Nguyen's husband. In late 2020, he eventually joined her in practicing the new ways of natural health improvements. He quit sleep pills and started sleeping free and independently. No more nightly pills were taken and no longer the habit of putting his body in the stage of the dependent sleep.

He had taken sleeping pills for years and of course it took him a little time to adapt to the natural sleep.

Nancy Nguyen was so happy because she saw a brighter future for both of them, a future of hand in hand walking along a beach to enjoy the sunset. It's not the future of being isolated in a nursing house.

She thought if she could package this new approach to sleep and health improvements, many more people will enjoy what she was having.

She decided to develop a sleep app due to the desire of introducing this brand-new approach to more people.

Sleep well is just a beginning of your health improvement journey

In 2022, February, one night Donald measured his blood pressure and it was 143/92 and that was when Nancy started a 6 week training in how to breath properly to improve his blood pressure. After 6 weeks, his blood pressure were at 115/73.

There have been more improvements in his mental health, mindset and physical health. We would keep you updated.

We would have an interview later with Mr. Bow to have a more detailed story.

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