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Everything Needed to Know about achieving an original sleep

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We study and look at sleep as a part of our body needs and its role in longevity. It means we look beyond sleep, and take sleep as the first step for longevity goal. The Original Sleep provides solutions for optimal results where we combine elements of health and boost health improvements with sleeping time.

The Original Sleep's core team has learned deeply about human bodies and the universe and how to apply the knowledge on improving health. In the last 5 years, new approaches and different practices have been put in applications and tests with a determination of introducing the results to as many people as possible.

The base of knowledge of The Original Sleep is also about the brain abilities and functions that are less known of. It's understood that distractions from available information over the world wide web can make knowledge on the topic very hard to obtain. That's why we provide a simple and comprehensive guidance about sleep, health and a little bit about longevity in this article.

Does sleep quality or sleep time more important?

We are conducting a few surveys (you can take part in one survey here) where we ask the participants to rate their sleep. They usually start with a thought of how bad the sleep is and rate it based on hours they sleep. Some of them use a Fitbit watch to decide how good their sleep is.

However, when we asked "Do you remember anything about how it is during light or deep sleep stages?" The answer is "No".

What people know about sleep is limited and they have the tendency to use some research results that are conducted on other people for applying on themselves. Note that the number of research is not big enough and the subjects for research have different conditions than yours.

It takes time to get updated with the knowledge but in this Guide, we will make it shorter for an overview.


Why Is the original sleep So Important?

If you ever observed a happy loving baby sleeping, you may have some ideas of the original sleep. It is a sleep when your brain stores no negative information collected during the day and also your body becomes a machine that works on protecting your physical body for the next day. This is less known of or never been published. More than that, with The Original Sleep's app, you have options of learning and activating your brain hidden functions.

About 70 million Americans face sleep problems and the main reason is that available solutions have focused on solving the symptoms and don't fix the root of the problems, and it's because the lack of thorough understanding and connecting all the knowledge we have had causes more problems.

There is a concern about how we measure sleep. Sleep is an important sign of your physical and mental health. But the criteria to measure sleep cannot be the same for everyone. Take 8 hours as an example. People who work manually need different hours of sleep than people who work with a computer. Younger and older people need different hours in sleeping too. Many people don't have a need for sleep a lot. People who are not stressed sleep differently than who suffer from stress and anxiety. In other words, mental health is a deciding factor for sleep hours and quality.

The good news is The Original Sleep has what you need for sleep, general health and longevity.

It is simple, starting with sleep hygiene, or mind cleansing.

Hygiene is a condition for maintaining health, but also for feeling good, feeling clean and comfortable. The same applies for sleep. Having a clean mind when you go to bed should promise a different sleep quality than a mind full of negative thoughts.

Available suggestions for sleep hygiene are some common approaches such as doing exersice, follow sleep schedule, and other habits which are challenging without details guidelines.

At The Original Sleep, our suggestions are simple but innovative: a clean bedroom and bed, a clean body and especially, a clean mind.

However, we can do much better than just focusing on sleep quality.

In this Guide, we will provide essential insights from The Original Sleep's perspective for your basic understanding and start having the most optimal sleep time.

What is an optimal sleep?

An optimal sleep is a form of resting, learning and detoxing for the final results of a disease free lifestyle.

Do we go to sleep because we need rests or can we do more than just resting?

First, at The Original Sleep, we should set our point of view on how to rate sleep. The quality of sleep is more important than hours of sleep. We have seen many people try to follow the 8 hours of sleep "standard" by taking sleeping pills. The question is that what if your body doesn't need an 8 hour sleep?

To answer this question, you should try to adjust the sleep rating (changing the criteria to focus on how energetic you are after a sleep can be a revolution). Rather than 8 hours of sleeping, can we change to rate our sleep by checking how you feel when you wake up and how energetic you are during the day? Of course, feeling energetic depends on different factors but if you have good nutrition intakes, good habits, nothing suddenly happens that causes overwhelming, sleep is an important contributing factor.

However, The Original Sleep considers sleep is more than resting time. Your sleep can be a time for you to listen and take care of your physical body with a clear purpose of optimizing sleeping time and the "scanning" the body time. During your sleep, your body is set up as a quantum working machine to clean the trash (negative information) out of your body. Health improvements come from sleep, with The Original Sleep's methods.

How can The Original Sleep optimize your sleep? We create sleep formulas and integrate them with the goals of personal developments, health and longevity.

Longevity in its basic meaning is to have more time and energy.

How can we create more time and energy?

The app of The Original Sleep will help you to fall asleep easily. The creation happens based on the principles of energy balance which is The Original Sleep's philosophy and core principle which utilize sunlight for sleep and health benefits.

You will be guided on how to balance your energy during the day and before sleep. Once your energy is balanced, your focus will be on individual cells and you will learn how to love your cells and take care of them effortlessly.

In our research, sunlight has great benefits for health but hasn't been emphasized well enough for people to take the energy from sunlight. Basically, the Sun is the origin of the living on the Earth. In The Original Sleep's evolutive term, the Sun provides higher energy than other sources of energy that we are dependent on. It's because we compare the length of the Sun's existence and that of other sources of energy. However, be careful when you expose to the Sun and sunlight if you are not used to. The most important thing to do is to learn about the sunlight benefits and let yourself accept this kind of new information and gradually expose to the Sun and the sunlight.

How many percent of our brain are in used? What are the other missing or forgetting parts?

We share a common acceptance that our brains are at a minimum use (around 10%?). But we never know what we are doing with the rest of our brain. We don't question and try to find the answer but leave it to experts.

The Original Sleep team has been working on searching for answers and what we have found is amazing.

There are parts of our brains that are forgotten, sleeping. And The Original Sleep takes it further in creating formulas for our users to empower their brain's abilities.

The abilities that are forgotten include the brain's capacity to utilize the brain waves in reality, or the function of recognizing imagination, dreams or illusions, or hallucinations, thoughts and their values.

Your sleep with The Original Sleep's app should be times when you combine resting and empowering your brain functions at its best.

However, our app is still under the development.

When waiting for our app to be tested and improved, you can take a few steps to have better sleep as follow.

  1. Gradually expose to the light and sunlight. The best time for beginners is in the morning and in the afternoon when the insensitivity of the light is not extensive.

  2. Spend 5 minutes before sleep to relax your mind.

  3. Start new habits or create a path to get your mind independent from alcohol, cigarettes, or any kind of addictive substances.

  4. Start changing to a healthy diet.

Questions and inquiries should be emailed to us at

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