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The pre-launched version of the app helped Mike to improve health and visions of future

The sleep app is beyond sleep improvements.

This is a short story about Mike Pavlov, who lives in New York.

In April 2022, Mike reached out to our Founder, Nancy Nguyen, and said he wanted to get better sleep. He was given access to 4 videos of the app's content to start with. Nancy gave him each video at the time in a specific order of sleep better, sleep for the rediscovery of himself and recharging his energy in sleep.

Mike used the videos as guided and provided us with amazing feedback.

After about 3 weeks, he got his sleep quality improved, his mind started working as sharp as 5 years ago and he was full of energy since then.

Here is what he wrote to us when we asked his feedback for the app content improving.

"I love it. I tried the videos, expecting it to help me improve my sleep, but the videos are much more. I tried some of the most popular sleep aid apps before, but never something similar to this.

I want to break down my experience into three parts:

First part

It makes me visualize the energy coming into my head, rewiring the brain, and slowly going down, scanning, and cleaning the body. It energizes me. At the same time, it calms me down and cleanses me.

Second part

This is a great part. It helped me visualize my dream home in great detail. Activate the law of attraction :-)

Third part

The journey out of our planet to the sun to me is fantastic. It's like connecting with the source of our creation.


After using the videos for a few weeks, I improved my sleep. My energy level was higher. Also, my overall focus, clarity, and mood improved."

(Thank you Mike! It's an honor to have you as one of the first trusted users.)

Get in our waitlist for the launch of the app to get it as soon as it is on app stores.

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